Like all home appliances, it’s important to conduct tests on your garage doors for safety. According to Raynor, garage doors have a typical lifespan of about 20 years, or potentially much longer if maintained properly. Conducting routine safety tests allows you to understand if your garage door is working properly. It’s also a good idea to test for safety if you have smaller children, pets, or people with mobility issues in the home. Let’s discuss a few ways to test your door.

Test for Balance

Your garage door should be able to come up and down without any issues and be properly balanced. The more balanced your garage door is, the more likely it is to glide smoothly up and down without any sort of resistance. To test the balance of your garage door, make sure it’s strictly in manual mode. Turn off any sort of automatic mode on your garage door. Once it’s in manual mode, take your hands and roll your garage door gently up and down. If there’s trouble with this movement, make sure to reach out to a¬†garage door repair¬†service as soon as possible. The experts can help align your garage door so it’s evenly balanced again.

Check Your Sensors

Your sensors are one of the most important components of your garage door. To test their safety, place an object so that it blocks their path. This can be something small such as a toy or book. Once this item blocks the path of the sensor, your garage door should not continue to close. If it does, call a garage door repair service to replace your sensors.

Look at the Cables

Be sure to take a look at your door’s cables. If any appear to be loose or appear to be thinner than usual, contact a garage door repair company. If a cable were to snap, the door could crash down on someone or a vehicle. Periodically checking your garage door cables is one way to prevent those things from happening.

Doing these garage door safety checks can help prevent serious injury and give you peace of mind. If there is something wrong, call Kramer and Sons Overhead Door Service right away so you know your garage is in proper working order. We would be happy to help.

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